Who we are

The aim of the Young Researchers Network on Complex Systems (YRNCS) is to bring together the Young Researchers working on Complex Systems.

We would like to create a big community of Young Researchers and Scientists who will exchange ideas and consult each other, who can work together and build the basis of future collaborations.

We would like these exchanges to take place in a less formal way than in conferences which may be puzzling for Young Researchers, but still formal enough to retain the seriousness and productivity of high level scientific collaborations.

Membership Rules

1. Membership  to  YRNCS  is  free. 
2. All  YRNCS  members  have  full  access  to  all  the  activities  promoted  and  organized  by YRNCS.
3. Mandatory  requirements  for  joining  YRNCS  as  a  Full  Member: a. being  an  active  CSS  Member b. being  a  master  student  or  a  PhD  student  or  an  early  (up  to  four  years)  post  doc working  on  complex  systems 
4. Full  Members  of  YRNCS  retain  their  membership  until  they  automatically  become YRNCS Alumni  after  four  years  of  post  doc.   
5. Honorary  YRNCS  Members  can  be  appointed  to  people  not  fulfilling  the  requirements  at comma  4)  who  request  being  part  of  YRNCS  subject  to  the  approval  of  the  YRNCS Committee.
6. YRNCS Alumni  and  Honorary  Members  can  not  be  elected  for  the  Committee  of  YRNCS but  can  be  part  of  a  Working  Commission,  provided  that  they  are  not  the  coordinators  of such  commission.
7. YRNCS Alumni  and  Honorary  Members  can  still  have  access  to  the  online  activities  of YRNCS.

Our History

Even though under different names, YRNCS has been active since ECCS 2011. Currently, the administrative and executive organ of YRNCS is the YRNCS Committee, which resides within the scope of the Complex Systems Society (CSS).

In the years, we organized Satellites in which young researchers could present their work and Panel sessions in which senior researchers gave pieces of career and life advice to the younger members of the complex systems society.

Stay in touch

If you want to receive more information about our future activities, please stay in touch with us by subscribing to YRNCS Newsletter, by engaging with us on Facebook and Twitter or by dropping us an email at info_at_yrncs_dot_com!

The core of this project is the involvement of Young Researchers, so anyone who shares our taste for friendly and constructive collaboration and wants to support the development of YRNCS is warmly welcomed to join us!

YRNCS Advisory Board (October 2015 – Present)
Elisa Omodei – Chair
Giovanni Petri – Secretary
Aleksandra Aloric – Treasurer
Sarah De Nigris
Evelyn (Evangelia) Panagakou

Previous YRNCS Advisory Boards
2. April 2015 – October 2015
Evelyn (Evangelia) Panagakou – Chair
Sarah de Nigris – Secretary
Aleksandra Aloric
Elisa Omodei
Giovanni Petri

1. September 2013 – April 2015
Evelyn (Evangelia) Panagakou – Chair
Sarah de Nigris – Secretary
Matteo Chinazzi – Treasurer
Domenico Bullara
Jasmin S. A. Link